About Persian Food

If you are new to Persian cuisine, you might be surprised to find that the food is not spicy or hot. Rather, most Persian dishes are mild to the taste, drawing on a rich mixture of herbs and spices that are subtle yet pleasing to the palate.

Although many Persian dishes might sound familiar, like kabobs, rice, flatbreads, yogurt, etc, they are quite unique with their own aromatic spice and herb combinations. Ingredients such as dried lime, saffron, rosewater, pomegranate paste, mint, turmeric, and sumac provide rich and delicate flavors to the many different stews, meats and rice dishes that are common to the Persian table.

Ironically, it seems that one of the oldest cuisines on earth has become “new” recently. It is interesting to note that in more and more chic restaurants, Persian ingredients have been appearing on non-Persian menus. Lemony-tasting sumac appears to be the “It” spice of food connoisseurs, while dried limes are among the top-selling items at spice wholesaler Le Sanctuaire in San Francisco.

It has been said that Persian food is one of the most overlooked cuisines in America despite our large population of Iranian immigrants.

So, if you’ve never tried Persian food, you may be missing out on an experience that is sure to be unique and delicious, and perhaps even addicting!

— Noosh-e-jon! (Bon appetit)